1. empartridge:

    I want to go curl up in a hole, but I feel like it’s my responsibility to address some things first (some are more important that others):

    • I work on Adventure Time, not Clarence.
    • I’m a storyboard revisionist, not a storyboard artist.
    • I did not personally act to get Skyler fired. Cartoon…
  2. More people need to know about Cybersix: a cross-dressing heroine who fights for survival rather than justice and has enough existential angst to rival a character from Dostoevsky. 

  4. Sketch


  7. Younger dudes on Tumblr (16-21ish): A PSA


    You really shouldn’t decide what kind of Man you want to become based on what lonely/angry women on the internet are posting.

    These people are like neckbeards but with vaginas, Almost invariably thinking in terms of what be would good for them (that they aren’t getting), not whats gonna be beneficial to you.

    Don’t buy into it, go outside to make your judgements of society, the internet is a place of extremes.

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  8. The lovely Sarah Jessup, colored in Photoshop as tonight’s comic is prepared for lettering in Illustrator.